Top 5 Reasons to Control How Light Comes Into Your Home


There’s nothing quite like throwing open the blinds on a beautiful sunny morning and letting the sunshine pour into your kitchen, living room or home office. But what happens when the light from that sun falls onto your computer screen or the television screen yo

u’re trying to watch, making you unable to see? Now you need to get up and close the blind, completely interrupting your train of thought.

What if you didn’t have to do that? What if you could just program your window blinds and home lighting, making use of natural light when it’s there, but using artificial light when the natural light isn’t quite right?

Clearly, you can—in fact you need to—use both natural and artificial light.  But what a nuisance it is to get up and adjust blinds or curtains every 30 to 60 minutes when the sun changes position. You don’t have to! Motorized blinds and lighting control make it easy for you to work the light—both natural and artificial—to your satisfaction. Here’s how:

  1. Lighting control and motorized blinds save time. Both can be can be programmed to change settings at a time that you set. When that blinding sunlight comes in and makes your computer screen all but disappear, you can set your blinds to close at that time. Problem solved!What if you’re in the middle of working on an important report, and it’s starting to get dark in the room. Maybe it’s the end of the day, or perhaps a storm is coming through, hiding the sun. You can set your lights to turn to a certain percentage based on the amount of light in the room. No more interruptions to get up and turn a light on!
  2. Lighting control and motorized blinds reduce electricity costs. These two features can help with electricity costs. You can use natural light when it’s available, and switch to artificial light when you need to. The lights aren’t just turned on all day, so you save on your electric bill.
  3. You won’t need to use your heat or air conditioning as often.Studies have shown that an average house featuring 15 windows outfitted with energy-efficient window coverings can achieve an annual energy savings of $150. That adds up over time.
  4. Motorized blinds protect your belongings from sun fading.You may have just moved into a new house with all new carpeting, or just splurged on some beautiful new furniture. All of this could have cost you many thousands of dollars. Do you really want the sun beating through your windows and fading out all your beautiful belongings? Probably not. Use your motorized blinds to keep that pesky sun from ruining your “stuff.”
  5. Lighting control and motorized blinds increase the value of your home.According to the Washington Post, a new study involving 1.6 million homes sold in California has documented that, holding all other variables constant, an energy efficient label on a house adds an average of nine percent to its selling value. This means that the investments you make in automatic lighting control and motorized blinds will help you make more money when it’s time to sell your home.

Ready to get started on motorized blinds and lighting control for your home? Give me a call (973) 316-0678 I would love to chat with you, In the meantime pick up a copy of my book it is full of useful and interesting Smart Home information.


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