Are Your Employees at Risk or in Danger?

It’s sad to say, but we’re living in an age where your company or workplace is highly vulnerable to theft.  No matter where we turn, we’re constantly being bombarded with news of break-ins, burglaries, vandalism and even hold-ups.  Maybe you and your company have even experienced the pain of being a victim of one or more of these crimes.  Don’t let this happen to you!  Take control and protect your employees and possessions with smart, state-of-the-art hardware and software that are specifically designed to safeguard your assets.Crime in the Workplace

Using “best of breed”, vigorous defense systems, we’re able to shield your company from an intrusion with “intuitive” technology that detects and neutralizes a threat before it does any damage.  At the first sign of trouble, our “watch dog” system will:

  • Alert you and your smart phone to a potential problem.
  • Notify the local authorities in the event of an emergency.
  • Sound a piercing alarm.
  • Flood the area with intense, white light.
  • Capture every movement on film with closed circuit TV.
  • Put all of your company’s entranceways on lockdown.

Now, if you want to introduce some additional safety measures, we recommend using a keyless access panel that recognizes unique codes or fingerprints to let only your employees into the building.  Video surveillance cameras should also be installed at all entranceways so you can decide who gets in and who stays out.  You never can be too careful these days.  Some companies are even installing metal detectors to keep weapons out of the workplace.  Unfortunately, we’ve all heard of the postman that’s gone “postal”.

Yes, we live in a dangerous world, but we shouldn’t let fear govern our lives at work or at home.  We at 1 Sound Choice are here to protect you and help you relax, so you can focus on what you do best.  We’re your One Sound Choice for your peace of mind.