Your Own Outdoor Oasis – Right at Home

pc群Picture this . . .  A gentle breeze flowing around your new outdoor living space.  Flat screen 4K TVs and speakers that surround your family and friends in a truly “cinematic” experience under the stars.  A landscape of lights that  softly, delicately and automatically illuminate your yard in serenity while you toast marshmallows with the kids in front of a cozy fireplace that intuitively takes the chill out of the late night air.  Now just don’t imagine it.  Bring it to life with some help from your friends at 1 Sound Choice.

With so many people choosing to spend more of their time in the backyard, it’s no wonder that they are transforming their yard into a “space-age entertainment center” that’s fully loaded with excitement and high on energy.  Not only will your backyard be the envy of the entire neighborhood, it’ll be a hub for all things fun to do.   With just one push of the “outdoor party button” on your smart phone or tablet, you’ll crank the hot tub up, dim all the lights, pump the music up and fire up your massive gas grill (Grilled Maine lobster with melted butter anyone?).  Oh, and it wouldn’t be a party without drinks that your smart fridge auto-ordered two days ago using your door-to- door liquor service delivery app.  Does it get any better than that?  Actually, yes!   We here at 1 Sound Choice can even drape your backyard in a tropical paradise – – Hear the intermittent, crashing waves of water on the beach; listen to the Beach Boys while you drink your mango margarita and relive your incredible trip to the Caribbean, right before your very eyes.  You can have all that and so much more.   So if you want us to whisk you, your family and friends to the tropics without ever having to leave the house, give us a call and we’ll celebrate with a round of drinks in your brand new outdoor living space (on us of course).  Cheers!