Your New Conference Room – All Tricked Out on Tech!

We seem to spend so much of our time at work going to meetings — meeting after meeting after meeting.  We’ve all been there — running from one meeting to the next.  And when we finally sit down at our desk at 5PM, moreoften than not we ask ourselves, “So what did we just accomplish at all those meetings?”  Why is it that we feel so unproductive when we get together with our colleagues for a “think tank” in the conference room?  Well, I think I may just have the answer — or at least part of it.  You see, unless we can use and rely on technology to be more productive at company brainstorm sessions, we’re fooling ourselves into thinking that we’re all just going to magically collaborate and expeditiously get things done the next time we meet.  I’ve seen many a meeting wildly spin out of control and descend into chaos simply because ideas were wildly being flung around the table.  Side bar conversations started to break out and soon, everyone became more and more distracted.  So, here’s where technology can come to the rescue and lend itself to the kind of focus needed to experience a dramatic increase in productivity in the conference room:Conference Room


  • Data/Digital Projector – To capture an audience’s attention, use a projector to broadly display the image from a laptop or tablet.
  • Flat Panel TV – Display the image on a large flat panel TV so that everyone in the conference room can clearly see a crisp, vibrant picture.
  • Flat Panel Interactive Overlay – Add notes to an image with touch sensitivity technology that’s built into an interactive overlay for a flat panel TV screen. Wow the audience with your ability to electronically write, group, move, sort, save and share your notes with just the touch of your finger.  Talk about a time-saver!
  • Smart Room Automation – Easily, efficiently and remotely control all of your conference room’s equipment and its environment from your smart phone or tablet. Remotely control everything from the temperature in the room, to the blinds, the lighting, projector and flat panel TV.  Presto!


Let us at 1 Sound Choice, your conference room technology experts, help make you and your colleagues more productive at work.