Working with Interior Designers

There’s No Place Like (A Designer) Home

pc群Interior Designers have a keen eye for taking architectural blueprints and breathing life into them.  They turn a house into a comfortable home . . . one that reflects the unique personality of the owner.  Subdued or striking, you name it; they’re able to bring it to life for you and your family.  And while the interior designer is typically the “go-to” for visual appeal, they often rely on the expertise of a home technology professional to fully integrate and automate the indoor and outdoor living experience.


Integration and automation introduce the home owner to a multitude of conveniences that make everyday life much more simple and enjoyable.  Your home should be your sanctuary, free from the complexity of the outside world; a place of refuge that shields you from the stresses of life.  “Smart” home design is all about creating and delivering an experience that totally changes the way we live our lives today.

pc群Picture this:

  • A synchronized lighting system that automatically sets the mood for a romantic dinner for two or the rough and tumble, in-your-face action of NFL Monday night football.
  • Your dream kitchen, fully equipped with state-of-the-art “smart” appliances that automatically know when to start cooking dinner and order perishables from the grocery store when you’re running low.
  • A basement retreat – – A true-to-life cinematic experience that surrounds you and your family in the tranquility of a tropical paradise or the stereophonic, thunderous excitement of your favorite flick.
  • Intuitive climate control systems that learn your habits, adapt to your schedule and conform to your lifestyle – – A system that takes all the guesswork out of manually operating the thermostats, blinds and ventilation.

pc群Create the life you deserve to live.  A life that’s best lived at home.  We’ll design it (with your help) and we’ll bring it to life for you.  The rest is up to you.

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