Working with Architects

Best Laid Plans . . . Made Even Better!

pc群The architect’s blueprint . . . A master plan that represents the entire layout of a home.  Your personal vision starts with the architect who works with the builder, interior designer and the home technology professional to create your dream home.  All of us collaborate on your behalf and each of us play an important role in helping you realize your dreams.  Interior designers, for example, have a keen eye for taking architectural blueprints and breathing life into them.  They turn your house into a comfortable home . . . one that reflects your unique personality.  Home technology professionals make it possible for you and your family to thoroughly relax in the comfort and joy of your home by using state-of-the art hardware and software that’s designed to simply and automatically take extra good care of your family.  Collectively, we all believe  your home should be your sanctuary . . . A very special place that offers you an escape from all the distractions of the outside world . . . An “everyday experience” that rewards you and your family with a peace of mind that lets you more fully enjoy your time at home.

Here’s an example of how the architect, builder, “outdoor designer” and the home technology professional all work together to create an outdoor oasis just for you, right at home . . .

Outdoor Oasis

  • The architect envisions the dream (your outdoor oasis) and puts it down on paper.
  • The builder and his contractors assemble the outdoor living space.
  • The outdoor designer brings the oasis to life by making it visually stunning.
  • And the home technology professional integrates and automates the entire space by surrounding your family and friends in a true “cinematic” audio/video experience that’s loaded with excitement and high on energy. With just one push of the “outdoor party button” on your smart phone or tablet, you’ll launch your 4K flat screen into a mesmerizing mode of celebration, pump the stereophonic music up, flash the colorful lights to the music’s beat and fire up the massive gas grill.

pc群It’s the architect, builder, interior/outdoor designer and home technologist that turn your dreams into realities.

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